Renters Insurance


are you protecting your financial stability?

Most customers we initially talk to assume that if you are a tenant you don’t need insurance. After all, you don’t own the home and the value of personal items is often not so high as to justify insurance premium (or so most think). Is this assumption correct - Not exactly.

While Renters Insurance can cover your personal belongings, the biggest value it brings is in covering your liability to others.

why is renters insurance essential to your financial stability?

Do you entertain guests in your home?
Ever celebrate a birthday with a party?
Have a friend’s kids over for a playdate?
Have a dog?

All these common situations can end in a serious accident and propel you into a potential lawsuit, resulting in unexpected expenses, stress and possible financial hardship. Take a look at the real-life situations below that happened to our customers.

  • A guest falls down the stairs and breaks his arm
  • A friend who had one too many drinks in your home gets into his car and crashes into the neighbor’s house
  • Your friend’s kid jumps on a trampoline in the backyard, falls and breaks a leg (or worse!)
  • Your dog bites a passerby on the street

In all these situations you can be found legally liable since the accident happened at your home or was caused by your dog. Are you ready to be sued and pay the medical bills, lost wages etc out of your own pocket? These expenses add up fast, especially if the injuries are severe.

how we can help

Brandon Insurance  is an independent insurance agency that has been providing Florida residents with insurance solutions for over 60 years.

Being an independent agency, gives us the ability to –

  • Access multiple carriers. Result? We do the legwork chasing different quotes and save you time! You can choose the best possible
    quote available.
  • Assist you with your claim. Result? You have only one phone number to call for your needs and you know exactly who to speak with!
  • Develop a personal relationship with you. Result? You speak not to a salesperson but to a partner that is looking out for your best interest

We are looking forward to be your local agent for your insurance needs.” We will evaluate your current policy and will give you our honest opinion on the coverages / premium you are getting. If you got the deal of the century – great! We’ll advise you to keep it!

If not, we’ll work tirelessly to present you with an insurance solution to fit your unique needs and budget.