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What to Look For in Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Home ownership, while very exciting, is also an immense responsibility. A responsibility to protect your investment. Homeowners insurance is much more than another mandatory coverage you have to have to obtain a loan.   It is a way to protect your investment and your financial stability in case of a major loss. While everyone loves to […]

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Why Use An Insurance Agent When Buying Homeowner’s Insurance?

If you’ve gone online lately for home insurance rates, your search probably returned over a dozen pages of companies wanting your business.  Some of these businesses allow you to purchase your homeowner’s insurance online.  I believe someone’s largest asset, their home, is important enough to get advice from a licensed agent. Home insurance costs depend […]

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What is Ordinance or Law Coverage?

Ordinance or Law Coverage More than likely, less than one in ten homeowners could explain what this valuable coverage is. Most insurance policies will make this coverage part of the standard coverage, but with a limit that may not be practical. Ordinance of Law Coverage is triggered when, after a major claim, the cost of […]

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